About kmdesigns

I blame my English and Scottish blood for my love of wool fabrics. I can't resist their rich colors and interesting textures. But I finally decided that my growing collection needed to start earning its keep.

I knew I wanted to make something functional but also slightly off-beat, a little bit different from the usual fare. The subtle colors, patterns and textures of wool lean towards quiet sophistication but they can be a bit of fun, too. And so my wool handbags came to be: they are a classic material used in a new way, a utility item with a fresh look. 

All the bags are of my own design. I prefer a streamlined architectural look that has strong modern appeal but that also gives center stage to the captivating fabric combinations and striking details.

I construct each bag myself which takes a bit of time. They are not put together with quick slap-dash methods or manufactured en masse but instead each one is carefully created with lots of attention paid to details. Because I can't make a lot of them quickly, you won't find them everywhere you look. They are only sold on this website, at upscale craft shows, and, hopefully in the near future, from a few select shops.

I consider myself very lucky. I work in a large sunny studio doing exactly what I want to be doing: creating lovely wool bags that people can use and appreciate every day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Katherine MacColl